Sõnaraamat viies keeles / Multi-dictionary (5 languages)

Laadige alla meie sõnaraamat, mille abil võite selgeks õppida lausa 4 võõrkeelt korraga! USEFUL WORDS (pdf)

Meist / About us

Tutvuge Eesti ja Surjuga... / Get to know more about Estonia and Surju... Introduction (pdf)

Everyday Estonian / Igapäevane eesti keel

Dear Comenius partners,
Before you come to Estonia you need to learn some basic vocabulary and sentences.
We made this project to help You on the way!
Have fun and let us know if there are any questions.

Students from Surju Põhikool

Kehaosad /Body parts

And here you can learn the parts of a body in Estonian

(If you don't see the video, install the Silverlight plugin!)


Spordialad /Learn some sport activities in Estonian!



4 aastaaega /Learn 4 seasons in Estonian