Christmas in my home

In my home, in Estonia, Christmas is a big holiday. At 24th of December we wake up and then go to buy food with my mother. Sometimes my father goes skiing and my brother and sister come home. They live away from home: my brother lives in Norway, but my sister lives in Estonia. When we come back home with my mum, we start making Christmas dinner. In my family we usually eat potatoes, pork, sauerkraut, desserts, candies and other deliceous things. In the evening my sister and brother and brothers' wife will come to our house and we sit and talk. At 8 o'clock we are going to eat and when we all have eaten then itäs time for presents. Usually we have to read a poem to get a present but last Christmas we didn't do it. When we all have got our presents then we chat some more, listen to the Christmas songs and watch TV. At Christmas Eve there are some really good films on TV. Then it's late and we all go to sleep. This is what my Christmas is usually like.

Nimi eemaldatud
Grade 9, Surju Põhikool, Estonia