Students in our school have started preparing for Christmas.
Here are some slideshows about different activities.

Christmas tree is very important! Our school has got a nice fir tree but it took a lot of effort to put it up and decorate it. It was fun though! Have a look at slideshow "Christmas tree"!

Form 1 had made some dwarfs, snowmen and lovely Christmas cards.

Form 2 made some Christmas decorations called Christmas kräss (jõulukräss). You can make one of your own too! Check it out!

Christmas in Estonia

Christmas in Estonia is usually very snowy. Days are very cold.
But this year the Christmas will maybe be without snow...
We celebrate Christmas Eve on the 24th of December. Nobody needs to go to work on that day.
People clean the house, bring the Christmas tree and decorate it and start preparing Christmas dinner. Some people go to church at Christmas too.
In the evening people sit around the table and eat together with their families.
Sometimes Santa comes and asks everyone to read a poem or sing a song. Then Santa gives

everyone presents. If Santa can't come then dwarfs leave the presents under the Christmas tree.
Everybody is very happy and starts waiting for next Christmas soon.
The 25th and the 26th of December are days off from work as well.
Then people usually visit their friends and relatives. Some people go to the graveyards to lihgt the

candles there too.
Christmas time is very beautiful!
Merry Christmas!!!!

Gerly Ojaste,
Form 7, Surju Põhikool

Here you can see how Christmas was celebrated in Estonia long time ago.

Learn some English (or Estonian :) starting with words connected with Christmas!

Estonian Christmas food

Estonians eat a lot for Christmas!
Here's the usual menu:

Verivorst/ Verikäkk- Black pudding/ blood sausage
Kartulid kastme ja sealihaga - Potatoes with sauce and pork
Hapukapsas - Sauerkraut
Rosolje - Beetroot salad
Kartulisalat - Potato salad
Sült - Meat jelly
Heeringas - Herring
Kõrvitsa salat - Pumpkin salad
Piparkoogid - Gingerbread
Mandariinid - Mandarins
Pohlamoos - Whortleberry jam

Maria Lindov
Form 7
Surju Põhikool